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The triangle of art

Thirst for knowledge and hunger for museums. The multiple forms of art are the nutrition of the spirit, the art of 2,500 years ago or art of today that’s new, young and contemporary.

Ferrara, Comacchio and Ravenna can put these ingredients together in a lively mix that is never boring.

Comacchio has the good fortune to be at the center of this triangle. Use the Ponticello B&B as a kind of base for your daily excursions.

Ferrara, the Renaissance city, the first city in the world to have an urban plan (the urban plan of New York is copied from that of Ferrara), with it’s imposing castle at it’s heart, Palazzo Schifanoia where the Ferrarese court went to beat back their boredom, and it’s theater of great shows.

Comacchio with it’s unique morphology, born on it’s 13 islands and intersected by canals like arteries of water, where MUDA, an acronym for il Museo del Delta Antica or the Museum of the Ancient Delta, exhibits it’s perfectly preserved cargo from history’s first excavated ancient Roman ship.

Go to Lido Spina and the Remo Brindisi’s House/Museum to enjoys works by Dalì, Warhol and Fontana and imagine the parties that the owner threw with his famous friends.

Or go to Comacchio Stadium and read the surrounding street art wall: the result of the art festival in 2018, The Manufactory Project, direct from local Riccardo Buonafede who invited 20 street artists from all over Europe.

Ravenna with it’s mosaics of yesterday and today.

When you have seen Ravenna’s mosaics and those Sicilians that have already seen the most beautiful mosaics in the world. But beyond the bidimensional classics and imposing cathedrals, stop on via di Roma at MAR (the Museum of Art of Ravenna) to admire the modern key to the interpretation of the mosaic and the new workshops of mosaic artists.

And continue on the neighborhood of Darsena immersing yourself in the graffiti of the artists Blu and Ericailcane then drink a refreshing glass at the Darsena Pop Up.

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