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The renaissance, the art and the chapels awaits you in this city. Rent a bike and discover!

The Estense Castle that dominates the city center, the Palazzo Schifanoia, where the court went to escape the boredom of their winter days give only a small taste of this city’s beauty.

The art expositions at the Palazzo dei Diamanti show the works of some of the finest artists in the world.You can reach Ferrara directly by the superstrada or by way of the scenic route, passing through Tresigallo.

The rationalist architecture of Tresigallo is cited as an excellent example of it’s style.You will immediately notice upon entering the city from the side the high columns of the Campo Sportivo and stop to look at the rationalist fountain situated in the center of the large piazza in the form of a D (Duce) surrounded by a great arcade that protects locals from the rain.

Curiosity: Ferrara is the first example of modern urban planning in the world. It was invented by Biagio Rosetti in 1492 and he called it his Herculean Addition. The plan consisted in having principal streets bisected by perpendicular secondary streets. An example of this is New York with it’s streets and avenues.

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