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Comacchio-Volano pinewood forest - Pomposa abbey

A forest of discovery: it’s a unique region of dramatic beauty where one can lose oneself at the point that the pathways of land and water meet


  • Distance: 70km
  • Start: Ponticello
  • Ground: asphalt, gravel.


  • Reach Porto Garibaldi via Bicycle Path FE417 e in Porto Garibaldi go in the direction of vai in Lido di Volano following Route FE30.
  • In Lido delle Nazioni enter in the wood to reach reach Lido di Volano
  • Pass the Po River di Volano and proceed to Pomposa Abbey.

Things to do

In Porto Garibaldi stop along the porto canale or canal road to see the catch of the day. In this way, you’ll know what’s fresh to order for dinner.

You’ll reach the wood in Lido delle Nazioni where you can look for deer and fallow deer among the trees.

Encounter a dinosaur made of driftwood recovered from the Po.

In Lido di Volano, take a stroll along the jetty that juts out into the sea.

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Lunch tips

With our lunch box you are free to stop whereever you like in the natural setting of the Delta Park.

Or enjoy the fascinating medieval Pomposa Abbey and taste the wine of the sands in the cantina Corte Madonnina with a cutting board lined with local cured meats.

Or lunch on the beach at Lido Volano at Bagno Ristoro #9.

Or yet again, give yourself a delicious midday meal at Zanzara (one Michelin star), or a nice plate of tagliatelle at La Cueva restaurant just beside the abbey.

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