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Via Cavour, N.39 - Comacchio

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Every room, every space, every corner was considered and planned to render the Ponticello an authentic and original place.

From the window of your room you have a front row seat to the life of Comacchio.

Exit on the ground floor and taste the local wine and a . . . with us. It is the best way to feel social.

And follow the water of the canals with your car to arrive comfortably in our private parking.

Welcome to us traveler.

  • WiFi available throughout the structure.

  • Private parking (availability limited).

  • Homemade breakfast, both sweet and savory (certificated AIC without glutin and for other intolerances, vegan friendly).

  • And sampling of local artiginal foods.

  • Corner shop.

  • Resident professional guide of the Po Delta Park.

  • Bicycle rental.



Lunch box

Continua a vivere la tua esperienza.

Scegli l'angolo piu suggestivo del Parco del Delta dove fermarti e assapora il nostro lunch box.

  • Ha intolleranze alimentari, sei vegetariano o vegano?
    Comunicacelo e preparemo qualcosa esclusivamente per te!

Al Cantinon Restaurant

Homemade pasta and Comacchiese eel served in a rustic locale with fire lamps and exposed brick walls.

Directions 335 395 557

Old Trattoria La Barcaccia

Eel served in the Comacchiese style in a rustic locale with a fireplace, exposed brick walls, mirrors and historical photos, since 1975.

Directions 0533 311081

Vasco and Giulia

Grilled fish and eel dishes in a retro locale with wallpaper of historical photos.

Directions 0533 81252


Address: Via Cavour, n.39 | 44022 Comacchio (Ferrara) Italy | Telefono: +39 0533.314080 from 08:00 to 20:00

How to get to il Ponticello:

Arriving at Via Spina, at the roundabout follow the signs for the center, along Via Zappata. At the stop sign where you see the Cathedral, turn right on Via XX Settembre, entering the pedestrian area (our Guests can do so, if you send us your license plate number or the number on your tags and we’ll send you back a parking permit). On Via Ugo Bassi, go around the clock tower and turn left on Via Cavour. Along the canal, you’ll find us at Number 39.

How to get to Comacchio

You’ll find Comacchio among the destinations of Venice (123 km) - Ravenna (36 km) - Ferrara (54 km), easily reachable from the Autostrada and some few secondary roads. The town’s proximity to the superstrada from Ferrara-Portogaribaldi and the strada statale Romea makes Comacchio easily accessible from everywhere in north central region of Italy.

To arrive in Comacchio by car

  • From Milan, Turin, Genoa, Florence, head for Bologna. On the circonvallazione of Bologna, head in the direction of Padua A13 and exit after 35 km at Ferrara South. In the direction of Porto Garibaldi, you’ll get off at the Comacchio exit after 50 km.
  • From Verona, use the SS424 in the direction of Rovigo. At Villamarzana, take the A14 headed for Bologna and exit after 30 km at Ferrara South. In the direction of Porto Garibaldi, you’ll get off at the Comacchio exit after 50 km.
  • From Venice, use the SS309 Romea in the direction of Ravenna. After 100 km, you’ll see the exit for Comacchio.
  • From Rome take the A1 until Orte. Here follow the signs to Bologna and take the E45 in the direction of Perugia - Cesena - Ravenna.
  • From Ancona, take the A14 to Cesena Nord, exit from the autostrada and follow signs to Ravenna.
    Important: from Ravenna, don’t follow the signs to Ferrara. Look for the signs to Venice or Sant’Alberto.
  • From Ravenna, the fastest route is SS309 in the direction of Venice. For the scenic route, follow the signs for Sant’Alberto: towards this small town’s center you’ll reach the ferry, € 3,00 (from 7:00 to 19:00) for crossing the Reno River.
  • In Comacchio, follow the signs for the center: at the Cathedral turn right on Via XX Settembre and enter in the pedestrian area (our Guests can do this because our parking is beyond. If you are stopped by traffic police, just tell them you are staying at il Ponticello). Go around the clock tower and turn left on Via Cavour, along the canal. We are Number 39.

Arrive in Comacchio by train or bus

The closest train stations are in Ferrara and Ostellato. From these points, there are numerous buses for Comacchio. For more information, consult the site. www.trenitalia.com TPER (Trasporto Passeggeri Emilia-Romagna): http://www.tper.it/percorsi-orari/servizio-bacino-di-ferrara The Ferrara-Comacchio bus is Line 331

Arrive in Comacchio by air

  • L. Ridolfi Airport in Forlì (70 km) is the destination for many low-cost airlines. From there, take the SS 67 to Ravenna and the SS 309 towards Venice. At Km 30, you’ll arrive in Comacchio. For more information: www.forliairport.net
  • From Marconi Airport in Bologna (100 Km), take Autostrada A13 in the direction of Padua and exit at Ferrara Sud that will set you on a course to Superstrada “Ferrara-Mare”. For more information: www.bologna-airport.it
  • From Marco Polo Airport in Venice (110 km), it’s possible to reach Comacchio by way of SS 309 Romea. For more information: www.veniceairport.it
  • From Treviso Airport, 135km, take the A27 to Venice and then the SS309 towards Ravenna to Comacchio.
  • From Verona Airport (150 km), take SS 424 in the direction of Rovigo. At Villamarzana, take the A13 in the direction of Bologna and exit after 30 km at Ferrara Sud. Head towards Porto Garibaldi and you’ll get to the Comacchio exit after 50 km.